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Techniques of Chinese Painting

May 13th, 2022

Chinese painting includes flowers and birds, landscape, figure painting and so forth. Through brief introduction and appreciation of masterpieces, hope you will acquire a fundamental knowledge of the historical development and theoretical issues of Chinese painting. You will learn the basic technique of different brush works, through which you will understand the creative process of Chinese painting, and they will be encouraged to create your own works through the application of the technique and attempt to reform this traditional art form.

Techniques of Chinese Painting

Four Gentlemen Painting

The four gentlemen refer to the orchid,Guest Posting the bamboo, the chrysanthemum, and the plum blossom; they are metaphors of the gentleman with moral integrity.

Aquatic Life-Fishes Paintings

Artists used to make use of this painting topic to show their enthusiasm for ideal life.

Lotus and Coloring Paintings

Lotus represents a gentleman who stands out from the crowd. Painting styles and history of lotus painting will be favored. A contemporary artist Zhang Daqian has developed several new techniques in depicting the lotus.

Landscape Painting

The ancient painters created a landscape painting in different ways, including modeling masterpieces, sketching and traveling to give expression of emotion to maintain and water to pursue lofty and independent personality.

When comes to traditional Chinese painting, it generally refers to China’s traditional art with unique national characteristics, which uses brush, ink stick, ink slab, paper and pigment to depict both realistic and imaginary Objects. It has many categories; including scroll painting, mural painting, New-Year pictures, engraving painting and so forth.

Chinese paintings don’t have a strict art category and is not a scientific conception. According to different tools and materials, it can be categorized into ink-wash painting and color-ink painting, just like oil painting, water-color painting, engraving painting and gouache painting equally. With different usage, Chinese paintings can be classified into mural painting, serial pictures, New-Year pictures and illustration. Due to different themes, we can sort out Chinese paintings into figure painting and landscape painting. With its unique technique and style, it forms an independent art in the world, on a par with oil painting in the West. As a whole, traditional Chinese painting pays great attention to presenting the essence of objects, stressing the beauty of form and requiring pictures to capture both spirit and form and to be replete with vitality and rhythm, which greatly represents the trend of development of traditional Chinese painting and a defining core value of China’s cultural tradition. It is an ideal that the Chinese nation has unremittingly pursued and an important component part of Oriental painting.

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Who Paints Better: a Professional or a Layman?

May 13th, 2022

This article finely explains all the important facts of who paints better a professional or a layman. I will prefer to hire a professional if you do not know painting because they know how to paint homes while keeping in view the cleanliness and beauty of colors.

There are different factors to be considered while determining who paints well either a layman or a professional. Most people consider a professional painter so that their work could be done efficiently and they could also save their time.

Here are some factors that are to be considered to evaluate who paints better a layman or a professional:

Preparation for Painting
A professional painter is aware of the tasks to be performed before starting painting. A layman may not be aware of such tasks. For example,Guest Posting a professional knows that the room must be cleared and everything should be removed from the room before painting. But a layman may cover the items present in the room with a piece of cloth instead of removing them from the room. A professional knows about the preparation to be done before interior and exterior painting.

Product Knowledge
A professional painter has the knowledge regarding the products to be used for painting. A layman may not be aware of the quality of products. Quality products help the professionals to pain effectively and smoothly. For instance, if the quality of the brush is great, it will help the painter to paint well. But if the quality of the brush is not good, the painter may fail in painting the room effectively. Quality products help in making interior painting amazing.

Fixing Dents and Cracks
A layman may start painting without finding and fixing the dents and cracks. But a professional painter makes sure that all the dents and cracks have been fixed before starting the exterior painting.

Painting the room after fixing all the cracks makes a room look new and attractive. The cracks in the room may occur due to placing the bare bulbs near the wall. The professional painters have specialized tools for fixing the dents such as sprays, tapes, etc.

Sponge-Bath Walls
A professional knows that the walls and floor must be cleaned before starting to paint. But a layman may not clean such areas and start painting. For a layman, it might not be necessary to clean out the dust before painting. A professional painter washes the walls with a mild cleaner or TSP.

The expert may also use the solution of water and bleach to clean the walls so that all the dust could be removed. This task can be performed for interior and exterior painting purposes. Two buckets are used by the painter along with a sponge for cleaning.

Selection of Primer
A professional painter paints better than a layman as he has great knowledge regarding the selection of the primer to be used. A primer is mainly used for creating a solid, smooth, seal, stain, even base, and secure surface. It helps in making the topcoat more effective and smoother.

A layman may not be aware of the best primer to be used or he may also not be aware of the use of the primer. So, when a layman paints, a primer may not be used. That’s why a layman may not paint better than a professional painting company.

Quality Paint
You can consult affordable painters for the painting of your house, office, or any other building. The professionals are aware of the quality of the paint. But a layman may not know where to buy quality paint. He might not be aware of the brands of paints that offer quality paint.

A professional is aware of the painting company that offers quality products and paints which could help in painting better than an ordinary person. Quality paint helps in covering the imperfections. Eggshell gloss is mostly recommended by professionals that provide a luxurious look to the bathrooms, kitchen, kid’s rooms, hallways, etc.

Use of Painter’s Rod
A rod is used by professional painters for interior and exterior painting. A pole or a rod is helpful in painting the ceilings more effectively and quickly. A layman may not have such a rod or he may use a ladder for this purpose. Using a ladder for painting the ceilings may make it difficult for the painter and also takes a lot of time to paint. The use of rods for painting floors and walls makes the painting work of the professionals more effective and attractive.

Work From the Top Down
There are some techniques that must be followed for painting a room. An ordinary man is not aware of such techniques while a professional painter knows all of such techniques. The top-down technique is used by professional painters that make the painting better than a layman’s painting. The professionals paint the ceilings first. Then they paint the walls. After painting the walls, they paint the areas around doors and windows.

Knowledge About Colors
An expert and an experienced painter paint better than a layman as he has the knowledge regarding the trending colors. He knows which color must be painted according to the furniture of the room. A layman may not have such knowledge and may not suggest the owner of the house with other colors.

An ordinary person may paint the room with the color selected by the owner instead of suggesting better colors. The professionals are also aware of the shades of different colors. They also know how to mix different colors to make a new and effective paint color.


A professional painter paints better than a layman as he is aware of the techniques to be used for a painting. He cleans all the dust from the floors and walls before painting. He provides quality work as he is experienced in this field and is also aware of the trends of painting.

He provides quality work by using quality products such as brushes, paints, etc. He may also suggest you with different colors for interior and exterior painting to make your house look more attractive. He double-checks the work and efficiently coats the paint. He makes sure that all the imperfections have been covered perfectly.